From mobile phones to wearable devices to car machines, intelligent assistants have long become one of the “non-negligible” functions of current smart terminals. The so-called “neglect” refers to the user’s gradual habit in the process of use, habit becomes natural, and nature is “insensible”.

With the scenario coverage of smart terminal products, this one-step non-inductive service also covers more scenarios with intelligent assistants, and relying on the advancement of AI technology, strong learning ability, inclusiveness and scalability also allow it to provide more additional services.

For example, this year’s League of Legends S12 World Finals, the schedule can be said to be very unfriendly to domestic players. The game time is concentrated after the early hours of the morning, and for those who have to go to work and school in the morning, it may not be possible to watch the game, which will affect the efficiency of work and study.

However, the emergence of the S12 customized version of the small cloth assistant has greatly relieved the pressure of players to watch the game, allowing more players to understand the event faster and more effectively and pay attention to the event. Even for newcomers to esports, the customized version will have corresponding interactive functions such as “Past Event Query”, “League of Legends Terminology Query”, “Player and Team Query” and “Event Terrier”, which can quickly understand the game, understand the players, game meme, etc.

You can keep an eye on the progress of the event while you’re busy with other things; You can also directly order a game you are interested in through Xiaobu Assistant when you are free; Even in the process of watching the game live, through Xiaobu’s assistant to learn about strange players overseas…

These convenient and user-friendly interactive capabilities not only make Xiaobu Assistant an important player traffic entrance during the schedule, but also lower the threshold for viewing the game and become a game platform for the external dissemination of event culture and the improvement of user viewing experience.

Not only the linkage of League of Legends, “Harry Potter: Magical Awakening”, “Ultraman Legendary Heroes”, “Love of Light and Night”, “Mini World”, “Matsusmatsu Story” and other games have cooperated with Xiaobu Assistant. For example, the game characters of “Light and Night Love” seem to integrate the characters into the player’s real-life scene through voice interaction, opening up a new space scene where the game character and the player frequently interact outside the game.

Whether it is the S12 customized version of the small cloth assistant or the multi-game IP cooperation, it shows us a current trend: in the era of the integration of all things, intelligent assistants are becoming a new marketing traffic entrance with their ubiquitous interactive entrance. After all, today, when artificial intelligence is repeatedly mentioned, brand marketing has also moved from “digital” to “digital intelligence”, and the important driving force is AI.

The ever-evolving forms of AI intelligence and multimodal interaction have made intelligent assistants a “zero-threshold” knowledge acquisition channel for more and more people. The interaction between the brand and it brings users not only simple exposure, but more direct and effective services, as well as rich intelligent customized innovative gameplay, which has become an excellent channel for “zero distance” communication between brands and users.

Let’s look back at Xiaobu Assistant, according to the latest data this year, Xiaobu Assistant has activated 300 million + devices, the number of monthly active users has exceeded 140 million, and the number of monthly interactions has reached 3 billion, which itself is an extremely active traffic entrance. For the users of Xiaobu assistant, when they get more information, knowledge, entertainment and companionship from the smart assistant, it also means more coverage of smart terminal devices and more diversified consumption scenarios.

Of course, during this period, it is inseparable from the rich content ecology of Xiaobu Assistant and the expansion of OPPO’s pan-intelligent terminal products. After gradually integrating into people’s clothing, food, housing, transportation, medical care, education, entertainment, work and other fields, the user experience and stickiness are continuously improved.

In this process, Xiaobu assistant has always maintained the openness of the ecology, in the release of the 4.0 version some time ago, Xiaobu and AutoNavi Map cooperated to create a one-stop travel solution, and is also the first mobile phone brand intelligent voice assistant in China to reach cooperation with Sony headphones, users can also wake up and use through the three-party terminal. As an important medium between consumers and smart terminals in the era of mutual integration of all things, Xiaobu Assistant has the ability to cross platforms, devices and scenarios, and contains immeasurable imagination.