Nuheara, an Australian hearing enhancement technology company, announced in April that it had entered into a global trademark licensing agreement with HP to develop, manufacture and market its hearing aid products under the HP brand trademark.

At the same time, it also applied for FDA 510(k) approval for self-mounting, air-conductive, over-the-counter hearing aids.

The hearing aid product jointly launched by the two is called HP Hearing PRO, which is no different from the common TWS on the market, and is not much different from Nuhear’s own IQbuds2 MAX.

The HP Hearing PRO can put earbuds into the charging case to charge like TWS headphones, as well as listen to music and make calls every day, while also featuring active noise cancellation.

In terms of hearing aid functions, HP Hearing PRO has built-in Nuheara’s Ear ID™ self-adaptation software and technology, which can test the wearer’s personal hearing threshold from low frequency to high frequency through software like professional hearing aids. In addition, customized hearing compensation is provided for each ear.

The test experience is also relatively simple, the wearer can do it in the HP Hearing app, the whole process takes about 10~15 minutes to complete.

It is worth mentioning that the directional microphone function called Focus in HP Hearing PRO can improve listening quality by 30% in noisy environments. This function is somewhat similar to the dialogue enhancement function in AirPods Pro.

When you need to use the Focus directional microphone feature, it needs to be turned on in the HP Hearing app.

The HP Hearing PRO is priced at $699 and will be available on Amazon and some major platforms later this year.