What is OWS?

OWS is the abbreviation of Open-ear Wearable Stereo Earbuds, also known as Open-ear Wearable Earbuds. It is a new form of earphones. It is also called non-in-ear earphones. Headphone styles include head-mounted, neck-mounted, in-ear, semi-in-ear and now fully open.

2023 is the first year of growth for open-ear earbuds. Especially in the Chinese market, open-ear headphones have experienced explosive growth since June,2023. According to a report by IDC, a well-known market research organization, China’s open-ear headphone total shipment was 5.186 million units from Q1 to Q3 in 2023.

Why are open-ear headphones so recognized by consumers as soon as they are put on the market?

1. Open-back headphones free your ears and are comfortable to wear without any sense of restraint.

2. As the earbud does not enter the inner ear, users can hear the outside environment.

3. Thanks to the development of Bluetooth chip technology, directional sound transmission, and sound cavity structure, open-back headphones can reach 7-9 hours of regular battery life after a single full charge, and the sound quality is getting richer and fuller.

4.  Suitable for various scenes, indoor, outdoor, sports, etc.

We believe that the open-ear earbuds (OWS) market will be more diversified and grow faster in 2024, and overseas markets will gradually rise.

Winto, founded in 2016, is committed to the R&D and production of open-ear headphones and provides OEM/ODM services. Our products include OWS earbuds, Open-ear headphones, Bone conduction headphones.

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