After one-year development, WinTo released its latest series of Bone conduction headphones – B500 Series during the HongKong Mobile Electronic Fair, which just finished 3 weeks ago.

The knockout item got a lot attention during the fair.  Its weight is only 26g, which is the world record. When you wear this new bone conductive headphone, you even cannot feel the weight.

The new gadget will never let you down. Excellent design, with Qualcomm QCC3024 chipset, IPX7 Waterproof, with magnet charging,  premium sound quality, etc.

B500 series bone conduction headphone will start to production by Dec. 2019.

Shenzhen WinTo Technology Co., limited have been focusing on the bone conduction headphone for 5 years. We have been always standing at the forefront of the industry, striving for quality products and bring more users safety, health, and convenience.