Based on the latest hearing aid sales policy in the United States, there were many new hearing aids on display during CES 2023, and audio brand Sennheiser also took advantage of the heat to launch its own new hearing aids.

Last March, Sennheiser completed its acquisition with hearing aid brand Sonova, which brought Sennheiser’s consumer electronics division under its umbrella and was led by the group vice president himself, focusing on the TWS headset and assistive listening headset markets.

After nearly a year of integration between the two teams, the new product was finally unveiled, a hearing aid called Conversation Clear Plus.

The Conversation Clear Plus is very similar in shape to the TWS headset and is not as obtrusive as traditional hearing aids.

According to Sonova, by 2050, 6.1 percent of the population will have hearing loss. But a large number of these users will not choose to wear hearing aids when they learn they have a hearing problem. The reason for this is not only comfort, but also psychological resistance.

By making hearing aids into TWS headphones, we can help these users to solve their hearing problems.

This time, Conversation Clear Plus uses Sonova hearing aid chips and technology.

Conversation Clear Plus detects the surrounding environment and automatically enhances conversations and calls based on ambient sound levels. Three built-in preset modes – Relax, Talk and Streaming – are available for different listening scenarios.

Sennheiser’s special feature, active noise cancellation, helps block out noise and allows users to adjust the depth of noise cancellation on their own.

The Conversation Clear Plus can be used for 9 hours on a full charge, and the charging case can provide an additional 27 hours of hearing aid life.