As a popular category at CES, TV is a regular player that never misses every year. However, over the years, apart from some hardware and technology upgrades such as flexible screen, 8K, QD-OLED, etc., there has not been a “revolutionary” product that can really make our eyes shine.

Displace, a home entertainment startup founded just last year, announced that it will unveil Displace TV, the “world’s first” true wireless TV, at CES 2023.

Displace TV is a true “true wireless TV”, with no cables or ports throughout.

And unlike traditional wall-mounted TVs, Displace TV uses what is called “active-loop vacuum technology” to “stick” it to the wall. Displace also minimizes the weight of the Displace TV, a 55-inch 4K OLED TV that weighs less than 20 pounds (about 9 kg), further reducing the impact of its weight on the wall fit.

The Displace TV has a built-in hot-swappable, recyclable battery. With an average of 6 hours of daily use, Displace TV can last up to a month. When the battery runs out, it can be recharged with a separate charger, and with the four batteries included, there is no battery life anxiety.

The fun doesn’t stop there, Displace TV can also be assembled. For example, if you put four Displace TVs together, you get a 110-inch giant screen TV with 16K resolution. As long as you are rich enough, it is not impossible to build a movie giant screen at home!

Another eye-opener is that Displace TV ditches the remote control in favor of touch and voice interaction and gesture control. Without the limitations of a remote control, these controls bring a whole new way to play.

Remember how Apple’s HomePod mini debuted with audio streaming, and Displace TV has a similar play! With Displace TV’s camera and proprietary computer vision technology, when you walk from one room to another, the content you’re watching will automatically transfer to the TV in the room you’re in. Of course, you can also manually turn off the feature via a button on top of the TV if you’re worried about privacy leaks.