Japanese wearable startup AI Silk brought a new haptic glove to this year’s CES that allows for haptic feedback and finger tracking in a completely different way than the traditional way.

This haptic gloves both sensors and AR/VR/XR controller functions, the gloves themselves do not have any attached mechanical parts, built-in finger bending sensors and the back of the hand control buttons are used its conductive fiber Lead Skin.

How it works is that Lead Skin detects the electrical impedance of the fibers as they expand and contract, and combines it with a deep machine learning algorithm to obtain the desired action based on the wearer’s finger movements. In this way, the wearer will be able to manipulate objects in virtual reality as expected, making the virtual reality experience more “real”.

In addition, the glove can transmit electrical impulses through the fabric to provide haptic feedback to the palm and finger touch behavior.

According to AI Silk’s statement, the gloves weigh only 380 grams, roughly the same weight as two Quest 2 controllers (with batteries)

But the way it is worn can further disperse the weight on the wearer and should provide a better wearing experience compared to the controller of the AR/VR headset.