If you have the habit of running and exercising outdoors every day, and you like listening to music while running, then which kind of headphones would you choose to wear to go out?

Headphones—too heavy and too heavy on the head, so they are excluded first;

in-ear and semi-in-ear headphones—the structural design makes them easy to fall off, and in-ear earphones are easy to block the ears and cause potential danger because of the inability to hear external sounds;

bone conduction earphones ——Although it is very stable, it is really difficult for the unsatisfactory sound to bring a bonus to the movement.

Now, you have a new option—open-ear wearable earbuds. The ear-hook structure adopted by most open-ear earbuds brings a lightweight body and excellent wearing stability, which meets the needs of sports wear, and the sound generation method similar to traditional headphones brings a sound that is far superior to bone conduction. The excellent sound quality solves the shortcomings of the above three traditional earphones.

Not only that, the characteristics of not blocking the ears and allowing the ears to hear the sound of the external environment at any time also make the open earphones very suitable for daily sports and communication, and can form a complementary relationship with mainstream in-ear earphones. Now that TWS earphones are already “everyone has a pair”, OWS earphones can well become the “second earphones” for many people