Why is the bone conduction earphone market developing so fast?

In the past three years, the bone conduction earphone market has been growing at a rate of nearly 100% every year. From the very beginning to the hot market, what is changing quietly?

The advantages of bone conduction headphones are obvious.

1. Freeing both ears, the open design makes the ears easier; at the same time, the surrounding environment can be heard, and the user is safer;

2. Through our years of market research and sales data, we found that people’s lifestyles have changed in recent years. People now pay more attention to health. Exercise is a good way to decompress the body and mind. Our headphones are widely used in long-distance running, jogging, mountaineering, cycling, walking, etc. Since this year, our company has launched high-level waterproof bone conduction headphones, and we will also launch swimming headphones in the near future.

3. Our bone conduction earphones are also used in the education and training industry. Bone conduction earphones can protect children’s hearing well, and can receive external sounds and audio and video sounds.

4. The hearing aid industry is quietly rising. Another very important application area of ​​bone conduction technology is hearing aid headphones. At present, this market is still in its infancy.

Shenzhen Winto Technology Co., Ltd is committed to the deep cultivation of bone conduction technology, we are confident that we can provide products that protect consumers’ hearing, and make products of higher standards at lower prices.