What is OWS?

What is OWS Earbud?

What is the experience of wearing bone conduction headphones?

If you talk about black technology in headphones industry, then you have to mention bone conduction headphones. In the propaganda advertisements of bone conduction headphones, bone conduction headphones are often said to transmit sound through the jawbone. Because they do not cover the ears, this type of headphones does not affect you listening to other […]

Is bone conduction headphones worth buying?

Is bone conduction headphones worth buying? The answer is worth it. Maybe some friends don’t know much about the principle of bone conduction, so we first come to the principle of bone conduction headphones under a little science. As we all know, under normal environmental conditions, there are two ways of sound transmission, one is […]

Qualcomm announced the launch of its “most advanced” audio platform to date: the second-generation Qualcomm S5 and S3 audio platforms.

Apple Event 2022

Four types of Bluetooth headset: head-mounted, bone conduction, neck hanging, true wireless, which one is best suits you?

With the popularity of Apple’s Airpods series, Bluetooth headsets have greatly replaced the wired headsets, and they have become the new darling of headset fans when buying headphones. However, there are many types of Bluetooth headsets. In addition to true wireless Bluetooth headsets similar to AirPods, there are also Head-mounted headsets, bone-conduction headsets, and neck-mounted […]

TCL launched NxtWear Air

Highlights of CES 2022 are here.

Global Aging is Increasing

Structure of Hearing Aid

What is Senile Hearing Loss

iPhone 12 will not have EarPods

Qualcomm launched QCC3026 chip

What is aptX?

What is Bluetooth 5.0?