The so-called “OWS”, that is, “Open Wearable Stereo Earbuds”, is a brand-new sound solution that is completely open and does not enter the ear.

OWS is more like a small and highly integrated solution for audio. Relying on the improvement of chip technology and computing power in recent years, we can use multiple sound source points to form a synthetic sound source through dynamic monitoring and calculation. And dynamically adjust the phase relationship between the synthetic sound sources to suppress the diffusion of external sound and enhance the detailed performance of in-ear sound transmission. And relocate the sound quality details of the frequency band that the human ear is not sensitive to the frequency band performance that the human ear is sensitive to, reducing the threat of sound energy to hearing health and bringing better sound quality performance. OWS technology solves the problem of sound quality performance of open-back headphones. The sound quality experience brought by it far exceeds the current various open audio solutions.

Open-ear wireless headphones are headphones that don’t cover your ears, so you can hear your music and your surroundings at the same time. This unique experience makes them the preferred choice for running and workout headphones, as they allow you to power your workouts with music without losing awareness of your surroundings.

Shenzhen Winto Technology Co., Ltd, have been concentrated on the open-ear headphones (bone conduction headphones, air conduction headsets, OWS earbuds) over 7 years.

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