According to reports, Apple is developing AR augmented reality smart glasses. Apple’s first smart glasses will come in a variety of styles, among which the “Heritage Edition” is positioned as a limited-time special edition, and the regular version (non-limited edition model) is similar to a pair of classic Ray-Ban glasses. Apple plans to launch the glasses at the iPhone conference in the fall, but due to the global impact of the epidemic, the release may be postponed to March 2021.

According to reports, this Apple product uses a special display technology that makes it look more like a pair of glasses. And the glasses will be launched in a special limited edition, and its design looks like the round rimless glasses worn by the late founder Steve Jobs.

At the time of release, Apple glasses will be similar to the original Apple Watch, which will be simpler at first, but will continue to evolve over time.

Smart voice glasses, as an extension of TWS headsets, can combine glasses with smart voice, and you can answer calls and listen to music while wearing glasses or sunglasses. This not only simplifies the wearable device when going out, but also frees hands and ears. .

If Apple releases AI glasses series products next year, the market will attract a wave of new enthusiasm. Let us look forward to it.