With the rapid development of TWS headsets, in recent years, it has gradually become a personal must-have electronic item for commuting and traveling, and the functions of TWS headsets are constantly enriched. The release of AirPods Pro in 2019 led to the popularization of the ANC active noise reduction function of TWS headphones. Qualcomm’s “Audio Product Usage Status Survey Report 2020” shows that consumers’ demand for active noise reduction has jumped to the fourth place.

However, as far as the current wearing experience of earphones equipped with ANC active noise reduction is concerned, it is necessary to improve the fit between the earphones and the ear canal in order to achieve a good noise reduction effect, which brings discomfort in wearing. It is also the main problem of the ANC active noise reduction headphones that some people do not choose.

Today, Qualcomm introduced the new Qualcomm® Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology, which aims to use integrated active noise reduction technology to provide a better user experience for earbuds.

Qualcomm’s adaptive active noise reduction technology can adjust the performance of earplugs to respond to users’ different in-ear fit methods, and can adapt to fit changes in real time during the use of earplugs, thereby providing true wireless earplug users with a more comfortable in-ear experience and Provide consistent sound quality.

Higher comfort and consistent sound quality

Qualcomm’s audio product usage status survey report 2020 shows that 53% of respondents regard in-ear comfort as an important reference indicator for their purchase of true wireless earplugs. Effective active noise reduction performance usually requires earplugs to fit closely to the ears, which may cause discomfort to the user and is usually difficult to achieve. Qualcomm’s adaptive active noise reduction technology can reduce the need for earplugs to fit tightly, and users do not need to push the earplugs tightly into the ears. The fit will vary according to the user’s activities, such as running, walking or moving the head, no matter how or in which occasion the user uses earplugs, Qualcomm’s adaptive active noise reduction technology is designed to The performance is adjusted dynamically and in real time with the tightness and transparent transmission degree.

Designed to create a seamless user experience

Qualcomm’s adaptive active noise reduction technology is designed to provide users with an extremely seamless experience. Users can enjoy an excellent audio experience from the moment the user takes out the earplugs, without the need for fitting tests, self-calibration or trying a variety of earplugs. Not only that, the technology can run in almost all working modes of the earbuds, and supports simultaneous work when the user switches modes. For example, this technology can support the user to switch from answering the phone mode to listening to music mode, and then switch to the voice assistant questioning mode, and the switching process of all the above modes will not cause the interruption of the active noise reduction function. Qualcomm’s adaptive active noise reduction technology can also automatically adjust according to external environmental conditions, reducing the intensity of noise reduction in a quiet space and increasing the intensity of noise reduction in a noisy environment.

Provide developers with more choices and flexibility

Qualcomm’s adaptive active noise reduction technology can be used as a Qualcomm® reference design solution to help OEMs develop products faster. For customers who want to further provide a differentiated experience, we can use API to provide customers with customized solutions to create a unique Qualcomm adaptive active noise reduction experience. The technology also provides developers with more room for product selection, including full-ear, shallow-ear and semi-ear earplugs.

At present, Qualcomm’s latest flagship Bluetooth audio SoC QCC514x series has supported Qualcomm’s adaptive active noise reduction technology. Qualcomm® QCC514x is designed to meet the needs of true wireless audio experience. It integrates support for voice assistants, top wireless sound quality, longer battery life and many other features. Now Qualcomm’s adaptive active noise reduction technology will further improve the overall true wireless audio Experience.