What is the experience of wearing bone conduction headphones?

If you talk about black technology in headphones industry, then you have to mention bone conduction headphones. In the propaganda advertisements of bone conduction headphones, bone conduction headphones are often said to transmit sound through the jawbone. Because they do not cover the ears, this type of headphones does not affect you listening to other sounds while listening to the sound of the headphones. So, what is the experience of wearing bone conduction headphones? ?

What is the experience of wearing bone conduction headphones?

First of all, in terms of overall evaluation, bone conduction headphones are just a type of headphones with obvious advantages and disadvantages. If you need a pair of headphones, listen to some audio books, or some other content that does not have too high requirements for sound quality, or you need to use the headset in a noisy environment, or in an environment where people talk. Then, I suggest you buy bone conduction headphones. Let’s talking about the wearing experience via below factors:

Sound quality

In terms of sound quality, the sound quality of bone conduction headphones can only be said to be average. Bone conduction headphones which cost about 50USD, sound quality is equivalent to the kind of poor external speakers. Therefore, those who pursue extreme sound quality effects can give up considering the choice of bone conduction headphones. Therefore, if you choose to listen to music or other content that has high requirements for sound quality, it is not recommended to buy bone conduction headphones.

Convenience / security

The biggest benefit of bone conduction headphones is convenience and safety. Because the sound is transmitted through the jawbone and does not cover the ears, therefore, when driving, running or riding, it is safer than traditional headphones. Moreover, when talking to people, you don’t need to take off your headphones, you can talk to people while listening to songs. Therefore, the most suitable use scenario of bone conduction headphones is on the way to and from work, when running or riding on the street.


Since bone conduction headphones transmit sound through vibration, as long as you use bone conduction headphones, you will always feel vibration. The louder the headphones, the higher the intensity of the vibration. If you turn on the bone conduction headphones for a long time, you will inevitably feel uncomfortable. But it also depends on your environment and what you listen to. Although bone conduction headphones do not damage the periosteum, they can damage other parts of the hearing, so it is recommended not to use the bone conduction headphones to the maximum volume.


This aspect is the biggest advantage of bone conduction headphones, but also its biggest disadvantage. On the one hand, it does not affect you talking to people while listening to songs, and it also means that once you are in a noisy environment such as a street or a subway station, the volume of bone conduction headphones is often easily covered. However, if the sound of bone conduction headphones is turned on to the maximum, they will often make them feel uncomfortable after listening for a long time. In a particularly noisy environment, bone conduction headphones are also a chicken rib.

Battery life

In general, the higher the volume, the greater the power consumption. If you turn on with high volume and listen for a long time, you usually need to charge it once a day. If you listen less, it will vary from person to person.


Wearing bone conduction headphones does not affect wearing glasses and windshields. However, it will affect the ear protectors or earmuffs worn in winter, and there will be a problem of air leakage.

In general, bone conduction earphones are suitable for people who are in noisy environments when the earphones are used for listening to audiobooks and other contents that don’t requirement high sound quality when the climate is not so cold.

Is bone conduction headphones worth buying?

Is bone conduction headphones worth buying?

The answer is worth it.

Maybe some friends don’t know much about the principle of bone conduction, so we first come to the principle of bone conduction headphones under a little science. As we all know, under normal environmental conditions, there are two ways of sound transmission, one is through air, and the other is through a certain medium. The traditional headphones we use are mainly through air. Bone conduction headphones use a certain medium (temporal bone of the head) to transmit sound. In the end, the sound is directly transmitted to the auditory nerve in the form of sound waves, instead of passing through the air to the eardrum, and then to our auditory nerve.

There are many advantages of bone conduction headphones that are irreplaceable:

1. The principle of bone conduction determines that bone conduction sports headphones do not need to transmit sound through the ear canal, so they will be more safer, firm and comfortable to wear.

2. Bone conduction sports headphones do not need to cover the ears or block the ear canal to achieve the purpose of listening like traditional headphones, so it has the effect of protecting the ears. Many professional physicians recommend using bone conduction headphones to listen to songs.

3. Ordinary wired earphones will transmit the sound of friction and collision into the ear through the earphone cable during exercise, while bone conduction earphones avoid this problem.

4. Bone conduction headphones are generally very small and lightweight, so they are more suitable for sports scenes than traditional headphones. Winto’s bone conduction sports earphone uses a hanging ear design and weighs much less than ordinary Bluetooth headphones. At the same time, the material of the earphone is very soft and can adapt to bending requirements when wearing, this is also extremely important for sports headphones. And the greatest thing about Winto’s bone conduction headphones is that it innovates the design of bone conduction headphones and avoids the general situation of bone conduction headphones leaking.

The disadvantages of bone conduction headphones are also obvious: the main problem is that the sound quality is not perfect. The main positioning of bone conduction headphones has always been “sports headphones”, which not only explains its advantages in sports scenarios, but also explains the bone conduction headphones’ sound quality is not up to the level of daily music headphones (based on equivalent price), such as lack of bass, sound leakage and other phenomena still exist. Secondly, compared with wired headphones of the same price, they have no price advantage, so people mainly consider to use bone conduction headsets in specific scenarios like sports.