What is Bluetooth 5.0?

Bluetooth is a wireless transmission technology that theoretically allows short-distance connections between devices up to 100 meters away, but is only about 10 meters in actual use. Its biggest feature is that it can easily carry mobile communication devices and computers, connect to the Internet without cables, and transmit data and information. Currently, it is widely used in the connection of smart phones and smart wearable devices, as well as smart homes and vehicles. In areas such as networking. The new Bluetooth 5.0 is not only backward compatible with older versions, but also offers the advantage of higher speed and longer transmission distances.

Faster transmission distance and farther distance

Compared to the previous generation of Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 has a longer transmission distance and faster speed. The theoretical effective distance is 300 meters, which means that the mobile devices in the entire family or the entire office can be stably connected. The fastest is 2Mbps, which makes Bluetooth devices with faster response and higher performance more likely to be used. In addition, it also greatly enhances the data transmission of Bluetooth broadcast, which can bring better prospects for commercial Bluetooth, making the use of Bluetooth as a standard IoT application more powerful.

Bluetooth Mesh technology changes transmission applications

The Bluetooth SIG has announced Bluetooth Mesh technology, which will break the “one-to-one” pairing between traditional Bluetooth devices into a “many-to-many” signal transmission mode, in addition to Bluetooth 5.0. Expanded to previous versions. The Bluetooth Technology Alliance said that Bluetooth Mesh technology is a new network technology based on low-power Bluetooth technology, which will transform the network of commercial and industrial equipment, and make the existing Internet of Things technology more complete and stable.

Bluetooth 5.0 impact on life

There are more and more Bluetooth devices in the home, including keyboards, mice, headphones, stereos, etc. These are because the demand for Bluetooth and the Internet of Things is greatly improved. For the average user, the Bluetooth 5.0 transmission speed is improved. It will be the most sensible update, but for smart homes, IoT users and developers, the transmission range will increase by 4 times. It will also be a significant advantage. The previous 10 meters limit (even if it is separated by a wall) ) will be broken, which is undoubtedly a bullish for IoT devices that are wirelessly transmitted. Bluetooth Technology Alliance Strategy Director Chuck Sabin said that Bluetooth 5.0 is designed to improve the quality of connectivity and interoperability between devices, making Bluetooth the best choice for home and business IoT devices.

The strong foundation of a smart home

Since Bluetooth 5.0 increases the transmission distance by up to 300 meters, it will rob Wi-Fi of its position in the smart home market. Family members can control all the smart products in the home through Bluetooth, smart light bulbs to smart door locks, and smart devices in the home will be able to connect with Bluetooth. In addition, Bluetooth has the characteristics of low power consumption. Compared with the power-hungry Wi-Fi technology, the advantage of Bluetooth for smart home products is very obvious, and it is likely to change the smart home market.

Wireless transmission capability

With the advent of Bluetooth 5.0, there will be benefits for headphones and speakers. The first is the endurance, because low-power Bluetooth will make less power, so the theoretical use of Bluetooth 5.0 devices will greatly improve battery life. In addition, because the bandwidth of Bluetooth 5.0 is 8 times wider than that of Bluetooth 4.2, a Bluetooth 5.0-based smartphone will be able to output audio to two Bluetooth speakers at the same time, making it easier to set up surround sound.