As a major player at CES, Samsung will not only showcase many of its own products and technologies at the booth, but also some of the projects it sponsors and supports will “compete”.

Cellico is an incubated project from the C Lab Outsider, an external incubation and incubation program supported by Samsung.

Cellico will bring an AR eyewear called Arges to CES.

From the viewpoint of the rendering, its shape is not much different from ordinary AR eyes, and there is a clear logo representing C Lab at the folding of the mirror leg.

Arges is intended for patients with early to mid-stage low vision age-related macular degeneration, who are unable to properly perceive light, cannot see the central part of their vision, or have distorted images due to macular degeneration, and have many inconveniences in their lives due to this type of visual impairment.

Arges solves the problem of an incomplete view by capturing images through a small 4K camera on the glasses and moving parts of the image that are damaged in the user’s actual field of view to other areas.

The user can set the specific area of the damaged field of view and the location of the image captured by the camera to be displayed through the mobile app, and can use voice control to zoom in and out of this part of the image.

The PDLC (Polymer Dispersive Liquid Crystal) on the lens also adjusts the brightness of the lens, thus protecting the wearer’s eyes from bright light.