Recently, the Bluetooth SIG officially commercialized the broadcast audio technology brand in LE Audio, named Auracast broadcast audio, and gave specific application solutions.

Under the Auracast broadcast audio standard, audio transmitting devices (such as mobile phones, computers, TVs, screen devices) can broadcast audio to multiple nearby audio receiving devices (Bluetooth headsets, TWS headsets, listening headphones).

As a consumer, you will be able to easily share music with your friends or family who are wearing headphones through your mobile phone without taking off your own headphones.

Users can use headphones to listen to the audio broadcast by the venue in airports, museums, and conference rooms.

Based on this feature, Auracast broadcast audio can also improve the experience of hearing-impaired users when using headphones or hearing aids to obtain audio information.

The Bluetooth SIG has provided 3 solutions for joining Auracast broadcast audio, including search, scan, and tap.

Search-based joining is similar to the way of connecting to WiFi on the mobile phone. You can select and join through a specially designed UI interface.

In public places, you can use your phone to scan a QR code that supports Auracast broadcast audio or tap the device like NFC to join.

In the official news of the Bluetooth SIG, two manufacturers were mentioned, and their spokespersons also brought congratulatory messages:

The introduction of Auracast broadcast audio will continue to drive innovation in Bluetooth technology. Expect this feature to offer consumers imaginative new ways to connect with each other and listen to the world.
– Peter Liu, System Architect, Google Pixel Ecosystem Product Group
Enabling personal audio users to enjoy a new level of convenience and experience has become part of people’s lives. The introduction of Auracast Broadcast Audio will upgrade the personal wireless listening experience to a shared wireless listening experience, fully exploiting the potential of wireless audio, bringing more value and a better experience to our customers.
– Zeng Xuezhong, Senior Vice President of Xiaomi Group and President of Mobile Phone Department
Auracast broadcast audio will be available in the coming months as part of LE Audio’s features. It is not difficult to guess that Google Pixel Buds and Xiaomi FlipBuds may be the first supported headset manufacturers.

(Reference: shenzhenware)