Since Apple supplier Rockley Photonics released a mobile sensor system called a “wrist clinic” in July last year, various calls have pointed to the next generation of Apple Watch will be expected to achieve blood pressure measurement.

Rockley today announced the results of an internal pilot study, marking the successful completion of Phase 1 testing of blood pressure measurements using its biomarker sensing platform, VitalSpex

Apple Supplier Rockley Unveils Wearable Health-Monitoring Tech | BioScan | Sep/Oct 2021 | BioPhotonics

The test recruited 40 volunteers to compare Rockley’s photonic sensor with a common PPG photoplethysmography (a sensing module that contains a green LED light on the back of a smartwatch), and then reference the data signal read by a cuff blood pressure monitor.

A total of 480 readings were taken during the trial, and the results showed that Rockley’s readings were more accurate.

The IRB-approved blood pressure study by the WIRB-Copernicus Group Institutional Review Board (WCG IRB) also showed that Rockley’s photonic sensor also performed well in reading heart rate and heart rate variability relative to electrocardiography devices.

Additionally, in December, Rockley completed a pilot study to estimate core body temperature.

As an Apple supplier, Rockley’s sensing platforms continue to attract attention in the consumer electronics and medical technology markets. To date, Rockley has signed contracts with 17 of the world’s leading manufacturers, including 12 global consumer electronics manufacturers and 5 medical device developers.

Among the TOP10 manufacturers in the wearable device market, 6 have also reached cooperation with Rockley.