Nowadays more and more people prefer to the true wireless stereo earbuds to enjoy the music. It’s so convenient that People can listen to music no matter they are doing sport, take lousy metro or even by plane, and you can immerse to your own world. Then, how to connect the bluetooth headset?

true wireless stereo earbuds

Here are the tips:

Firstly, bring out the two earbuds from the charging case. If your tws headphone is with bluetooth 5.0 version chip, then the left earbud will pair with the right one automatically, and the earphones stopped flash after they paired successfully ;

And then light of the main earbud that will flash, which means the headphone turns to looking for devices to connect to.

Then you can open the ‘Bluetooth’ at the ‘setting’ of your phone, and you will find the name of your earphone.

Last step. You can click the name showing at the searching result. Then it’s connected.

But if your headset is with bluetooth 4.2, then for above first step, You can take out the two earbuds out of the charing case, and press two earbuds for three seconds, the earphone are turned on.  And you can press two seconds more, the two gadgets will go to pairing mode.

For rest steps, keep same as above.

But now Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds already are more popular. As it is more convenient and get a better performance with the sound quality, as well as the average power consumption.