Nowadays, many mobile phones have eliminated the audio jack in order to achieve a more integrated body design, so if people want to listen to music on the mobile phone, the Bluetooth headset is naturally a best choice, and at the same time it is more suitable for fitness use. Then how to choose a bluetooth headset?

First of all, the most important point of Bluetooth sports headphones is that the wearing is comfort and stability must not be bad. These two points directly determine the duration of the user’s use of a Bluetooth sports earphone. Imagine wearing a ear hurt or always wearing it. A reliable product that seriously affects sports is affecting mood.

Secondly, the battery life of Bluetooth sports headphones, after all, no one wants to charge a pair of headphones every day. And the Bluetooth headset is different from the mobile phone, and it can’t be used while charging. If it is temporarily out of power, it will be desperate. So choose the earphones that battery life lasts around 6-10 hours. So you only need charge one time per week.

Most importantly, the sound superior sound quality is necessary. Different wireless headphones have different performance at the mid-high and low-frequency processing, call quality and sound resolution of different.  Before buying a bluetooth headset, we should pay more attention to its sound quality.  The cost varies when the performance varies.

When we make a decision to own a bluetooth earphone, we should look into above three points, and to find a most suitable one.