How do people hear the sound? Simply put, one is air conduction, where sound passes through the ear canal to vibrate the eardrum to trigger hearing; the other method is bone conduction, which transmits sound to the auditory nerve through the skull, and skips the ear canal to perceive the sound through the auditory nerve. When applied to the earphone market, there are traditional earphones that we often use, and bone conduction earphones that have been in the market over 10 years.

Although bone conduction earphones are still relatively niche products in terms of current applications, the history has been very long. The earliest bone conduction earphones were first applied to the medical field in 1935, helping people with hearing loss to hear the information around them.

Bone conduction headphones use bone conduction technology to convert sound into mechanical vibrations of different frequencies, and transmit sound waves through the human skull, bone labyrinth, inner ear lymph, spiral organs, and auditory center. Compared with traditional earphones, the ear canal and tympanic membrane are less involved in the listening process, so it can provide an open listening experience and can also be used by people with damaged eardrums.

The core technology of bone conduction headphones mainly lies in the sound device-bone conduction vibrator. The advantages and disadvantages of bone conduction vibrators directly affect the wearing comfort, sound quality, and battery life. On the other hand, due to the unique sounding method of bone conduction headphones, the technology for improving sound quality is also the key.

At the application level of bone conduction headphones, based on its bone conduction sound transmission method, open wearing and other product characteristics, it is mainly positioned in the sports Bluetooth headset market, which can provide sports users with a more comfortable and safe listening music experience.

The progress of Bluetooth and related technologies has driven the wireless era of Bluetooth audio products, providing users with a more convenient experience, and has gradually gained market recognition. Audio products such as Bluetooth headsets and smart speakers have ushered in a rapid growth stage.

Bone conduction earphones, as a very important category in the current Bluetooth earphone market, have an open wearing experience and a listening experience different from traditional earphones. At present, they are mainly focused on the sports earphone market. However, the development of bone conduction earphones is not only that, according to the advantages of its characteristics, it will gradually be applied to many fields in the future.