Apple officially released the first headset AirPods Max on the evening of December 8. The headset uses a moving coil unit, supports active noise reduction, has a transparent mode and an adaptive equalization function, and supports spatial audio in the iOS 14 system. AirPods Max has five colors: silver, space gray, sky blue, pink and green.  Priced at $549.

The head beam of the AirPods Max headset is made of stainless steel bracket, the inner side is breathable fabric, the earmuffs are made of anodized aluminum, and the earmuffs on both sides can be rotated independently; the outer layer of the ear pads is made of special mesh fabric, and the inside is memory cotton.

The headset is equipped with an optical sensor, a wearing position sensor, a headset case sensor, an acceleration sensor and a gyroscope (left earmuff); the main control chip is Apple H1, and there are eight microphones for active noise reduction. Three microphones are used, one of which is dedicated for voice pickup and two are used for active noise reduction at the same time.

AirPods Max is controlled in the same way as Apple Watch, with a digital knob design that supports volume adjustment, skipping tracks, answering calls, and activating Siri. There is also a noise control button on the top of the earmuffs, which can be switched between active noise reduction and transparent mode by lightly pressing.

In terms of battery life, AirPods Max has active noise reduction for a single battery life of about 20 hours, supports fast charging, and has a five-minute charge for 1.5 hours. There is a smart earmuff in the package that allows the headset to enter a low-power state, and comes with a Lightning to USB-C charging cable.

Through the video on Apple’s official website, you can see some of the details of the AirPods Max design: the earmuffs are magnetic and can be purchased separately; there are four microphones in different directions in a single headset for active noise reduction; adaptive equalization can be used Adjust the earphone sound effect according to the wearing condition.