Many scenes in daily life are closely related to the audio experience, and people are paying more and more attention to the experience when using relevant audio devices, such as listening to music, watching videos, voice calls or playing games, etc., which are relatively common.

The emergence of wireless communication technology allows humans to get rid of the restrictions of the headset wire, Bluetooth technology allows humans to explore and enjoy the wonderful wireless audio experience in a more free and comfortable way. As a new generation of Bluetooth audio technology standard, LE Audio will not only enhance the standard Bluetooth audio performance, but also empower and protect the further development of the audio industry, and the new generation of devices based on this technology will also provide users with a new way to experience and share wireless audio.

Low latency and high sound quality injects new vitality into the audio field

Based on its core audio technology, Actions Technology has seized the technical features and new opportunities of Bluetooth 5.3 and LE Audio, and launched the first generation solutions for three painful application scenarios in the current audio application market: wireless home theater, wireless gaming headset and wireless microphone, which are also based on the latest Bluetooth standard range of technological innovation.

Low latency and high quality wireless home theater solution

ATS2835PL low latency 5.1 channel high quality home theater solution, using Bluetooth 5.3 LE Audio and classic Bluetooth coexistence mode, based on LC3+ encoding latency can be as low as 15 milliseconds or less. It has lower power consumption and higher sound quality compared to 2.4G private protocol. It can coexist with classic Bluetooth and support up to five channels. The subwoofer in the home theater and the two speakers behind it can be connected wirelessly for a low latency, high quality wireless audio experience via Bluetooth LE Audio. Let the home theater is no longer cumbersome, at any time to open the immersive viewing experience, enjoy the wonderful movie watching time.

ATS2831PL low latency and high quality wireless gaming headset solution with end-to-end latency less than 20 ms, which is significantly reduced compared to classic Bluetooth. Also fully compatible with PC/game console/mobile phone, supports LE Audio and classic Bluetooth coexistence, if the user wears a gaming headset when the phone comes in, can answer the phone call without interrupting the game, after the call is answered, you can resume to the game again, without interrupting the game to answer the call with another headset. At the same time it supports two-way 48KHz high-definition voice transmission, can be in addition to high quality game background sound transmission, while meeting the needs of high quality voice conversation between different game players. It enables clearer and higher fidelity voice calls, wirelessly brings comparable call quality to wired calls, and brings better sound quality performance, bringing users a more immersive and high-quality gaming experience.

The wireless microphone is one of Actions’ current products to achieve the ultimate in latency, with end-to-end latency as low as 10ms, low latency transmission, high quality audio codec and AI noise reduction in one, supporting LC3+ codec, two transmitters and one receiver, and 48KHz HD voice transmission over the whole link.

In recent years, the wind of short video and live broadcast is blowing more and more, wireless microphone products were born, gradually into the public eye. It needs to be compact and portable in appearance, and meet the requirements of very low latency high-quality audio transmission to achieve audio and video synchronization, and also needs to support two-transmitter or multi-transmitter. The low-latency wireless microphone solution developed by Actions Technology chipset has been applied in many famous brands worldwide.

In the future, Actions technology will continue to bring more excellent overall sound quality and seamless immersive audio experience to users through continuous R&D and technology iteration to bring superior product solutions and enable more new use cases, based on its deep technology accumulation and technical advantages in the audio field over the past 20 years, and inject more new vitality into the audio field with low latency and high quality technology.